Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Suspicious Charges"

Review Your Credit Card Statement Monthly!

Here are some ways to try to Remove Unauthorized Credit Card Charges:

1. Call the company that the credit card charge was last associated with to verify if it was a charge that you authorized.
2.   Request a refund from the store/company from lack of authorization, if unwilling it could result in a lawsuit claim.
3. Contact your credit card company and request a charge back of the unauthorized charge.
4. Send a letter to your credit card company with all of your contact information and all the steps you have taken to resolve this matter. Make sure you include any documentation.

Your credit card company

Tasheira Grant
Mr. Holloway
Intro. to Comp
 Scenario: Suspicious Charges
called to inform you that your account has a
suspicious charge. Upon further investigation, you
realize that the charge does not belong to you.
What will you do?

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